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About Ashley Garcia

Full Time Mom, Wife, Teacher, and Your Guide to Getting Homes Closed

Ashley Garcia is blessed with a natural ability to serve others and provide the knowledge and patience in helping all of our clients get through the tedious process of closing a home. Her role in real estate is to work with clients once they have a contract on a home and help them get to the closing table with a smooth and pleasurable experience!! But her passion is getting the opportunity to walk side by side with people as they make a life changing decision to buy or sell a home. Ashley says it best that “it is a very exciting time for people and I get to share in that joy!”

Ashley has led a life of serving others that started with being the daughter of a pastor and getting to experience the life changing decisions people have made in their faith and life. She is supported by her husband of 9 years Nestor Garcia and has two wonderful boys José and Hunter. She spent most of her high school career at Southeast High in Dalton, GA where she was involved in Color Guard and Drama. When her father took a pastor position in Foley when she was 17, she finished high school in Foley her senior year. She would go on to become a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and specialized in Corrective Exercise, Sports Performance Enhancement, Nutrition, and Weight Loss. She has also juggled the responsibility of homeschooling her children and helping lead the Homeschool organization in Baldwin County.

Ashley expresses the blessings of this job that came in a rare occurrence of her husband and the team leader of Gill Realty Group, Owen Gill, serving in an Army National Guard unit in Foley. She was in charge of the Family Readiness Group in the unit and became good friends with Owen’s wife, Adrienne Gill. Conversations began about flexibility and the opportunity to continue to help people in another type of career. Her passion and attention to detail made her a perfect fit for the role of Contract to Close Coordinator.

Ashley raves about the opportunity to serve all of our clients and still be able to provide the education and flexibility to give back to her family. She still loves fitness and enjoys helping others with their health as well as being a big supporter and fundraiser for Hope Haven; an organization that provides a safe haven for human trafficking victims. She and her family love the outdoors and continue to do mission work for First Baptist Church. Ashley is a tremendous part of Gill Realty Group and makes it a priority to make sure every client with a house they are buying or selling gets to the closing table.